Tuesday, November 04, 2008


source: Sew Easy Windows

Do not confuse straight of grain with blocking/squaring. The warp and weft lines are straight of grain. They can be pulled out of alignment during processing causing the fabric to be out of square. The fabric can be cut along the grain line and squared using a blocking technique. However, when the pattern is printed on the fabric while it is out of square, we say the pattern is printed off the grain line. You can cut the fabric along the grain line and square it, but the pattern on the fabric will always be off grain.

The techniques for cutting fabric listed below begin with cutting following the straight of grain. This is always the best method to follow whenever possible because the fabrics themselves try to revert to straight of grain when hanging. However, subsequent techniques help you adapt to patterns on the fabric which are printed off square.

i've tried to block the fabric, but i don't really get it.

i'd love to see someone (who knows what they're doing) do this.

the whole clip the selvedge/pull the thread thing? not really working for me.