Tuesday, November 04, 2008

skirt lining.


when i bought the lining fabric for vogue 8425 i didn't know what i was doing. not that i know what i'm doing overall, but i'm just saying.

i have enough fabric to make a generic lining, but not enough for a custom lining ie laying the vogue 8425 pattern pieces out on the lining fabric along the grainline. 3 of the pattern pieces fit like they're supposed to, but the remaining 2 pieces will only fit if i open the fabric up & cut them against the grainline.

cutting against the grainline is a no-no, but i thought- how bad could it be? it's just the 2 pieces & besides, the lining is on the inside. it's not like anyone will ever see it.

but deep down i know this is not the time jerry-rig.

i was up at the crack this a.m., rushing around my neighborhood (which was festive with prop petitioners & people heading to the polling place) & i had an idea about how to get my custom lining cut out with all of the pieces going with the grainline. it involves jerry-rigging, but only by using painters tape to connect the pattern pieces.

i'm not sure if this is going to work, but i'm hopeful.

i don't know where hopeful came from, but it's a nice change of pace.

is hopeful spelled right?