Monday, December 08, 2008

i love plantains.

i will go near & far for them. in fact, i will do almost anything for them.

i found Laylita's Recipes by way of foodgawker-- it was her photo of Platanos Asados Con Queso or Baked Ripe Plantains. She lives in Seattle, but is from Ecuador. I haven't had the chance to go very far back in her recipe archives, but I've seen enough to know that her website is going to be a favorite.

as it would happen, the market had plantains this weekend so i bought 2 to roast up. they were so easy to make! i had jack & cheddar on hand, so that's what i used. next time i will use mozzarella as she suggests & i also want to try them with the spicy cilantro hot sauce she talks about.

one plantain stuffed with cheese & sprinkled with hot sauce was the perfect dinner.


roasted plantain.

roasted plantains stuffed with cheese