Sunday, December 07, 2008

& she's in.

zip2 3a

using a combo of both tutorials, i managed to work out how to get the zipper in. first i had to adjust the length of the zipper by whipstitching a new zipper stop & cutting off the excess.

adjusting zipper length.

then i pinned the left side of the zipper to the left opening

right sides together.

4 rounds of basting, seam ripping x 3 & some major finagling of the fabric to get it on the right side of the (stupid) zipper foot & the invisible zipper is in.

zip 2 4a

i've already whined about how hard it is to press the tricky places without an ironing board, but if you look closely at these photos you can see what i'm talking about. i just couldn't get near enough to all those seams to press them well.

none of my neighbors have an ironing board, so i guess i'll just take it to dry cleaners & let them give it a good press.

what's left is all the finishing work & there's a lot of it. i think it's all handsewing from here on out.