Monday, January 19, 2009

cable beanie.

this didn't turn out the way i planned, so what else is new.

the rookie move i made with the cables back at Thanksgiving, meant that i had to frog the whole thing & start over. i was running out of yarn so i couldn't make it as tall as i wanted & then i was winging it on the decrease rows, so the top turned out to be a little less square than i wanted. however, my head is abnormally large at the crown, so the beanie might look more square at the top on someone with a normal head. or maybe if i'd been able to make it taller it would have been ok.

or not.

who cares. i gave life to some leftover yarn, the beanie is warm, the beanie is done, we are having a winter heat wave here so i can't wear it anyway & i'm over it.