Tuesday, March 31, 2009

expensively cheesy piece of crap.

image source: madehow

i finally bought an ironing board & i cannot believe how much i paid for it.

i will have you know that i did my research on this one- informed consumer searching for the best bang for my buck & all the rest of it- including garage-sale browsing for a used board. the garage sales didn't produce & i'll have to stop looking in people's garages now because the last thing i need after spending $$ on a new crap board, is to see a sturdy vintage board in great condition for $5 in someone's garage.

ironing boards come in 5 different categories: tabletop, lo-fi, med-fi, hi-fi & industrial.

let's break this down, shall we?

you can get a tabletop board for about $10, but these are no go for me because i need the clearance underneath to get at tucks & darts with my iron.

the lo-fi board will run you $17 - $20. i almost bought lo-fi, because it's only slightly more cheesy than the med-fi board (at half the price). the downside is that it's not the standard ironing board size (54x14") which means that pads/covers won't fit without some creative duct tape action. why bother with an additional pad/cover? because the one that comes with the board is about as effective as tissue paper, so you're basically ironing on metal. (pads/covers start at $17.)

then there's med-fi board which is what i got. these run between $35 and $50 & i'm sorry but i can't talk about this without a series of wtfs. it's an ironing board. for the love of god. it doesn't have a plug. it's not electrical or digital in any way. it doesn't have a spray bottle holder, iron rest or a place to hang your clothes. the quality is not that good. wtfwtfwtf. i could go on.

hi-fi boards. these are nice, but let me emphasize here that they are not *fabulous* & they should be because the pricing for these boards begins at around $100. --> for an ironing board.

lastly, there's industrial boards but i don't care about them.

i had a coupon for 20% off. the grand total (tax incl.) for a basic, standard-size ironing board plus additional foam pad and cover= $52.06.

for an ironing board.

i fondly remember my mom's ironing board which was built like a tank. i bruised my shins on that thing more times than i can count, but it was a trooper.

i could weep for my mom's old ironing board, but i won't.

it could sneak up on me, though.