Thursday, March 26, 2009

with all due respect--

source: NYT

--to the whoopie pie.

i read the article last week and, because i still haven't let go of my irritation over the NYT chocolate chip cookie ordeal (or for that matter any other media-announced new trend), wondered when we can expect the follow up article. the one where the NYT lassos the top 5 whoopie pie bakers in the nation into producing the mother of all whoopie pie recipes.

the recipe will include (because it's certainly not worth their reporting effort otherwise) at least one completely ridiculous instruction like scraping the whoopie batter into a cloth sack & hiking into the desert with it so it can reach the peak of perfect ripeness before being baked to a fluffiness that will make you pass out in amazement.

i have already & unfortunately seen a slough of related articles pondering the death of cupcakes & hailing the whoopie pie as the handheld dessert of the future.

thanks. i'll just continue my own trend of eating whatever the hell i like according to my own personal mood.

speaking of all this- i hope you're ready for gladiator sandals! new trend for spring! because it's about that time.