Wednesday, April 01, 2009

black skirt progress.

gathering on front skirt panel

the skirt reconstruct is going, although the fabric doesn't want to do what i want it to do. i measured, draped, basted, remeasured & redraped several times & then i got rid of the ruler altogether & submitted to the fabric. it should count that i put up a good fight.

i'm having fun with this project & i think it's because there's no pattern. while that showcases how little i know about sewing, at least i'm not failing at the hands of someone else's pattern instructions. truth be known, i could have just cut some of the bottom off & made a hem, but i was hoping to learn something more than what i don't know about sewing.

i didn't realize how many pin gouges i had all over my hands until i squeezed a lime over some pad thai. making a point to angle the pin away from my skin doesn't work at all. if anything, the pins become more determined to make the plunge.

the new ironing board makes a great work surface & can be used a pin cushion.

the downside is that it likes to tip & throw my iron onto the floor.