Sunday, April 05, 2009

peanut butter buckeyes.

buckeyes 027fg full

as tasty as these are, i don't like making them because they're a pain. but dennis the menace loves them & it's his birthday this week, so i'm off to vegas with a tin full of peanut butter buckeyes.

there's a little something extra in the tin this year: a copy of the recipe.

that way way he can make them whenever he wants. i'm confident he can make these buckeyes. yes i am. no problem.


1) I use this recipe from & i halve it so there's less of them to deal with. half the recipe makes 42 buckeyes. 42 is enough.

2) i almost always throw in more cornflakes & peanut butter. maybe 1/2 C cornflakes & 1/4 C peanut butter. my reasoning for this is that it looks like it needs more cornflakes. & then it needs more peanut butter.

2) the peanut butter mixture is dry & crumbly & will not form into a ball without some elbow grease.

buckeyes 006a

buckeyes 012a

3) the recipe calls for an amount of dipping chocolate that only works in the perfect world where you've achieved exactly the right temperatures for both melted chocolate & chilled buckeyes, so that when you get to dipping the chocolate runs off the buckeye in a glistening sheet that coats perfectly & there is no waste.

otherwise, add a few more ounces of chocolate. i use valrhona 70%.

4) Edit. See remarks by Anonymous in the comments section. Dipping with a fork gives the candy the distinctive buckeye nut marking. Image source: wiki.

i've never tried dipping them with a fork because i have a loop

i recommend getting one, because it makes the dipping process a lot easier. i think you can get the plastic ones at a craft store for a few dollars.


Anonymous said...

That loop is cool, but buckeyes are meant to be dipped with forks so you have a little bit of brown on top. When the actual buckeye nut falls of the tree, the part where it was connected is peanut-butter brown, and the outside is chocolate brown. Dipping with a fork or toothpick and pressing over the holes creates the illusion of a buckeye! We usually call anything covered on top a buckeye ball.

the 90/10 rule said...

Many thanks for the heads up, Anon!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't figure out how to comment on your "attack of the carnivorous whoopie pies" post, but I wanted to say that it was absolutely perfect! I won't leave my name (so that no one can take out a contract on my life), but if I see one more blog with a whoopie pie recipe, I might toss my cookies.

the 90/10 rule said...

To: Anon #2 re whoopie pies - good to know it's not just me. ;-)