Sunday, May 10, 2009

bound buttonholes.

the decision to shelve the skirt reconstruct didn't come easily.
i don't like to quit, especially when i've spent so much time on something.

mom asked "well, can you wear it?"

i said it either fits or it looks nice, but not both.

i tried everything i could think of to reconcile the front with the back, but there's just no way. it's hanging in the back of my closet now because mom said don't throw it away because you just never know.

this weekend, i started work on one the muslins. here's the vintage pattern (style #1 without the pocket). i'm making this blouse to go with the vogue 8425 skirt.

fabric is preshrunk, blocked & everything cut out.

step 1: make bound buttonholes.

bound buttonholes 001a


found a couple of tutorials & did some practicing.

i much prefer the look of these to standard buttonholes, although they're more work.

they're not hard to do, they're just hard to do right.

bound buttonholes 003a