Monday, May 18, 2009

the sleeve placket.

sleeve placket 009a

i don't like the pattern's method for the sleeve placket. there's too much stress at the top edge.

i used embroidery scissors to snip all the way to the last stitch at the top point. i can't snip any farther, or i'll cut right through the last stitch at the top of the point.

sleeve placket 005

i've also tried pressing the crap out of it, but it's still pulling & puckering at the top.

sleeve placket 006

i found another method that looks to be less stressful to the fabric (it's also a nicer finish), but i'm not sure if it's too late to give it a try considering i've already slashed & burned my fabric.

i guess this is one of the reasons you "make a muslin" prior to sewing the final garment. so you can try out different methods on cheaper fabric.

the flip side of the muslin concept is that i am easily bored & the last thing i want to do is sew this blouse again.