Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sleeve placket method #2.

clearly, this:

sleeve placket method 2

is a better method than this:

sleeve placket 006

the process was like butter.

well, mostly. the new placket is a little chunky for this blouse. i used the sizing as suggested in the pattern (4 1/4" W x 6 1/4"), because i'd already slashed the fabric trying out the other method so i thought i should play it safe & work the new pattern as written. i had to take out one of the basted soft pleats to work the area, but it looks like there's still room to put that pleat back in.

there's no question this is the go-to method & i can adjust the sizing next time.

also, the slash is much deeper on this placket, which will make it easier to roll up the cuffs.

there's just one thing that bothers me about these sleeves. i'm not entirely sure i've got the pleats & the plackets going in the right direction. apparently, they're all supposed to be sewn in relation to either the right or left sleeve & the underarm seam, but i was a little confused about all that & i have this feeling i did everything backwards.