Sunday, July 26, 2009

soul of my shoe (#?)

i first gave New Balance a try back in the old days when i was running marathons. the shoe was extremely durable but the fit, which seemed fine initially, turned out to be awful. my feet are just not comfortable in NB.

many years & lower back issues later-- i've switched over to clocking miles as a powerwalker instead of a runner & i'm going through shoes like there's no tomorrow. over the last few years i've discovered a couple of things:

1) i'm sticking with running shoes because shoes designed specifically for powerwalking suck. i could explain this in more detail but i'm pretty sure y'all don't care.
2) whereas i swore by Saucony as a runner, it's Nike running shoes for powerwalking. specifically - the Air Pegasus, because I keep going back to this shoe as the most comfortable.

that's it, really. it's on my mind because i just got rid of a pair of NBs.