Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miss Burton's sewing machine.

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Dennis the Menace got a call to fix some things in a house that sold in Vegas. He said the house was like walking into the 1960s. Totally furnished, all items vintage and in mint condition.


The previous owner was a school teacher (first grade) & dennis knows this because her teaching awards & trophies were displayed in one of the rooms. A nightstand in her bedroom & on it, next to her glasses, a tray with some prescription bottles. Throughout the house, scattered post-it notes reminding her to turn this switch off or twist that knob to the right. In the kitchen, a box of oatmeal on the counter next to a bowl and a spoon. An old school hair dryer in the bathroom.

hair dryer.jpg

The story is that the lady, who was in her 80s, went to the hospital and never came back. Her kids put the house on the market to sell "as is", because they didn't want to (or couldn't) deal with going through her things.

Her name was Miss Burton. Her house, with all of the things she took very good care of, sold for $25,000.

Dennis the Menace fixed the things in the house. The new owner told him if he wanted any of the items in the house, he could have them.

& that is how I ended up with Miss Burton's sewing machine.


Dear Miss Burton,

I promise to take very good care of your sewing machine, just like you did.

May you rest in peace.

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