Monday, September 14, 2009

alterations & redraft.

alterations: take side back seams in

i'm not used to working with a dressform. or at least i assume that's why i keep forgetting it's over there in the corner while i struggle over measuring precisely from seams, darts & etc. on the counter top.

hello dolly. how about i slap this on you & pin it so that it fits. much easier that way.

fitting the jacket (cont.)

i re-angled the bust darts--

alterations: change angle of bust darts

but there was still too much fabric puffing out at the chest near those side front seams. i also decided the armholes were too small, particularly if i'm going to try to add sleeves.

to make a week-long story short, i redrafted the side front pattern piece to get rid of excess fabric at the side front & to make the armholes bigger. i may need to do some further adjustments to this piece, but at the moment i seem to be getting somewhere. below & on the right is v3 of the redraft. v4 is currently sewn into the muslin.

then there's this--

my new ruler with a French curve to assist with drafting sleeve caps, armholes, necklines & hips.

The new ruler cost $20.

A $20 ruler.

ironing boards aren't the only thing that went up.