Thursday, October 29, 2009

the knitted muslin.

felted slippers: pattern & felting test.felted slippers: pattern & felting test.

my niece is a size 7 narrow, so i did a quick pattern test for size using yarn repurposed from an unfinished project dating back to the time when i was into red. i've since moved onto green, but that's neither here nor there.

overall, this is a great pattern & a fast & easy knit. however, the invisible seaming was a pain. i chose the Mattress Stitch which isn't hard, but you have to be able to see the ladder rungs to pick them up. the combo of double- and triple-stranded knitting, with Manos handspun yarn thrown in, really did a number on my edges & it was hard to locate the rungs. i'll be knitting the final in lamb's pride worsted, so the seaming should be a little easier.

i think size Medium (7-8) is fine lengthwise, but i'm not sure about the width. i felted the crap out of these (felting wool at the laundromat. good times.) & although they fit my wide foot fine, they should probably be a little more narrow for the niece. i seamed the right slipper 1 row inside the outer edge & it is definitely more narrow than the left, but that created a heavier seam & a slight ridge after felting. as soon as these are completely dry, i'll wear them around the house & see if the ridge causes any irritation.

lastly, the straps are too fat for my tastes, so i'm going to take at least 1 row out.

the only thing left to do is make the soles non slip with puff paint.