Tuesday, November 03, 2009

brownies & buttons.

shipping brownies to the niece.

the niece's birthday is this weekend. she's into chocolate & having a chocolate-themed birthday party, so i'm shipping her some brownies. or at least i'm going to try. when it comes to baked goods, i don't really have the shipping-so-they-arrive-in-1-piece thing down yet.

C the brownie expert brought me several recipes & we chose Wuollet's Brownie Enormous because i wanted something on the cakey side. the last thing i need is to put the sister-in-law through a major salvage effort, prying a hunk of fudge brownie mess out of the container on the day of the party.

my notes:

*line the pan with greased foil. create overhangs so you can lift the brownies out of the pan for easy cutting
*melt the butter and chocolate for 1-1/2 minutes
*bake for 23-25 minutes

i was going to chunk up a bar of my favorite Valrhona 70% to add to the mix, but since these are for kids i used a bar of Cadbury chocolate which is creamier & sweeter.

I tasted a corner. a bit sweet for me, but the texture is right on & i think the girls will like them.

the sister-in-law mentioned they might be watching Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. i don't know if they favor the original film (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) or the Johnny Depp remake (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), but i'm old school so she's getting some of these buttons to use as party favors.