Wednesday, December 30, 2009

tokyo in 2010?

FLL red eye red bag

after providing many years of excellent service, the little red suitcase was falling apart. i'd planned on buying something bigger to replace it because i never seem to have enough room & when i travel long, i always have to pack the cheesy yellow supplemental duffel i got in Houston, which has a way of making you forget all about it on the baggage carousel.

but i didn't. no, i bought another small red suitcase for $70. Swiss Army, because i thought it would stand the test of time. instead, the zipper on the front pocket started sticking after 2 trips & although the dimensions were the same as my previous suitcase, it didn't hold anywhere near the same amount of clothes. the only way i could get a reasonable load into it (heavily edited, i might add) was to roll every single item of clothing into a tiny package. i hated that Swiss Army bag & trying to pack it was making me want to stop traveling altogether.

this holiday season, i made the annual trek to South Florida with the Swiss Army bag & the supplemental cheesy yellow duffel. Dennis the Menace met me there & we flew back to Vegas together. our flights out of Florida & New Orleans were delayed, so we were dog tired when we finally got home from McCarran at midnight.

we were taking the luggage out of the trunk when i noticed that the cheesy yellow duffel was missing & Dennis the Menace drove me all the way back to McCarran, at midnight, to retrieve it from Southwest baggage claim. my boyfriend is the best.

many problems were solved yesterday when Dennis the Menace & i hit up a Marshall's in Vegas &, $99 later, i walked out with this big giant Samsonite with the wheels that spin 360°.

brand new big giant suitcase.jpg

that's the piece of crap swiss army bag on the right.

old vs new.jpg