Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sewing more, baking less in 2010?

i've drifted into 'eh' territory with my baking & it shows in many ways, not the least of which is that my baking skills seem to be diminishing with recipes old & new. remember the Cook's Illustrated NY Crumb Cake i made awhile back?

NY Crumb cake 062a

I've made it 3 times since & cannot get the crumbs to stay on top of the cake. they keep sinking to the bottom in a doughy mess & it probably wouldn't be so insulting if it didn't take nearly an HOUR to roll the crumb dough into pea-sized pieces.

please note my enthusiasm.

very appealing.

i no longer care about who's doing what in the baking & pastry world & i've unsubscribed from baking & food web sites & replaced them with sewing sites.

one of my favorite sewing sites is Lauriana's Petit Main Sauvage. I found her site by way of an October post by Dress A Day re Watteau pleats (go look at that dress!).

i love her designs, particularly her trousers, but she's done some knockout skirts, shirts & coats as well. she posts sketches, talks fabric & generally inspires me to learn more about garment construction.