Wednesday, December 09, 2009

the trousers.

dennis the menace & i finally saw Inglourious Basterds & loved it.

really nice work by Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz & Mélanie Laurent & the costumes designed by (Anna B. Sheppard) were fantastic.

the more ladylike suits, dresses, hats & shoes were obvious attractors, but my favorite costume was the wide-legged trousers & boiled wool jacket worn by actress Mélanie Laurent:

this is what Sheppard has to say about them:
COF: Is Mélanie Laurent wearing men’s period trousers when working outside the cinema?

AS: Melanie’s trousers were a period version of modern dungarees with a detachable bib, which she wore both ways. Again, these were to go against the grain of floral dresses and small patterns that were associated with the period. They were made in Berlin, according to my design.

given the current fit issues with my 1945 trousers project, i would love to get a closer look at those pants to see where the waist & crotch hit.

images/quote source: Clothes on Film