Thursday, January 28, 2010

good luck.

simplicity 2622

this pattern also came with cheesy sleeve plackets, so i drafted my own again, widened the cuffs to accommodate my buttons (i found buttons) & applauded myself for having the foresight (for once) to realize that if i widen the cuffs, i need to shorten the sleeves. i was even a little patient during the whole math process to figure all this out.

then, i attached the skirt to the bodice three times & it's still not right, so i'm going in again.

to attach the skirt to the bodice, the pattern instructions say to "match side seams" and the 2 medium-sized DOTS. what they don't say is that unless you're going for an unflattering spirograph pattern of unaligned seams and darts, you might also want to consider matching:

1) the seam made by the front button placket with the center front line on the skirt
2) the 2 front darts on the bodice with the 2 front pleats on the skirt
3) the center back line on the bodice with the back kick pleat on the skirt
4) the 2 back darts on the bodice with the 4 back darts on the skirt.

of course once that was accomplished, the bodice gaped oddly in one place and the skirt gaped oddly in another, so i have to add some more darts.

the people who write these instructions must be stoned or if they're not, somebody needs to tell them that sometimes trying is worse than doing nothing at all. just print GOOD LUCK on the pattern envelope & call it a night.

i complain, but the truth is that i have a lot more patience with sewing now than i had in the past. it's just like everything else. engage plan b.

also, maybe 6 people now have asked me WTH i was thinking when i chose this as something 'easy' to sew. collar? sleeves? cuffs? facings?

yeah, yeah.