Wednesday, February 24, 2010

maybe a little over the top.

i really don't care about anything else right now, except for ***the new machine*** that i'm willing the forces of bob & the universe to bring into my sphere of need & affordability very soon.  i have ebay search threads feeding into my google reader & machines of particular interest linked up to my blackberry so i don't miss a thing.    the used bernina search has become THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL in my life,  surpassing good mental health, work & even my relationship with dennis the menace.   i'm making it up to him though.  i'm flying to vegas this weekend & we're driving out to Parker, AZ to meet up with Caroline & George of the 10% at the Desert Bar.   i predict fun times out there in Parker, & i know we could both use a break from the same 'ol.

now that i'm actively searching for a new machine, the annoying & difficult-to-manage  things about my current machine are 10x worse.  for instance, last night i tried to complete the process of putting a regular zipper into a skirt.  this should not be a 2-day process. it is now a 3-day process.  

to be fair, the zipper basted in just fine. the problem is trying to top stitch around it.  the combo of a poorly designed zipper foot & the inability to switch my needle position has made it nearly impossible to stitch around the tab stop without going really wide. this not only looks really tacky,  but in order to clear the tab stop i have to stitch almost completely off the tape.

so it's a matter of finagling, coaxing, the zipper, the foot.

it comes down to this:   new machine or i'm velcro-ing my zippers in from here on out.