Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NY Fashion Week: AW10

Chris Benz continues to draw me in.

vintage-inspired print dress, shiny cape  

normally, i wouldn't be excited about a sleeveless '80s vest, but i'm a sucker for his wide stripes (remember the drummer's pants from last fall), so- i'm there.

this jacket might have reminded me of 'Members Only', but with a metallic drapey skirt? fine by me.


yes, yes and yes

and this dress, which is nothing short of amazing. i'm already thinking back to all of the '40s draped dress patterns i've seen, wondering if there's some way to adapt one with 3/4 sleeves & added back cowl.

i should be able to whip one of these up easy. you know, like the shirtwaist dress.

completely different style, but I really liked these 2 coats by Derek Lam.
(i'm in desperate need of some coats, which is probably why i'm drawn to them right now.)

 here's another fab coat plus plenty of (i'm going to say '30s) glamour from Bibhu Mohapatra, who is going on my watch list

lastly, too many pieces to post from Zero + Maria Cornejo

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