Thursday, February 18, 2010

small investment in the craft. for now.

no more cheap, dull needles.  see ya, red plastic thimble that doesn't fit.  so long rolled up towel that doubles as a pressing ham (don't worry, i'll still use you for sleeves & long seams).  i just invested $20 in some excellent needles, proper thimbles & a pressing ham.

the idea of investing in a new machine is still nagging at me.  i started to do some preliminary research, but was quickly overwhelmed.  choosing the right machine seems more complicated than buying a car.  a lot of machines have a ton of bells & whistles i don't care about.  what i want is something pretty basic:
  • sturdy
  • stitches precisely
  • more speed
  • a backstitch that works, so i don't have to hand knot all of my seams (no i'm not joking about that)
  • handles denim & coating fabric
  • automatic buttonholer
but the process of narrowing down all of the brands & models to something that does these few things really well is daunting.  plus, i'm hesitant to spend a chunk of change for fear that as soon as i do, the sewing obsession will go away & i'll be into bob knows what next. 

maybe i need to talk to mom about this.  after all, she's the one who talked me into getting the dress form.  her theory was that if i had proper tools, i'd be more apt to stick with it & so far she's been right.  nearly a year since i invested in the dress form, my interest in sewing is still going strong.