Wednesday, March 31, 2010

drafting the bodice sloper.

drafting bodice sloper

drafting the front & back bodice pieces was pretty easy, especially with the french curve & drafting rulers for squaring all lines & giving me perfect 45 degree angles.

i realize these photos aren't the best (the rain rolled in & i lost some light), but there are letters on the pattern pieces that correspond with my measurements -- 13 different measurements for bodice front & back. some of the letter combos are halves of full measurements or half of each other, and some had inches added or subtracted from them. the most difficult part of all this was keeping track. for example: NQ = 1/2 JK plus 1/2 inch.

next step is to sew this up as a muslin & check the fit, but first - double check all of my math. fun fun.