Wednesday, March 03, 2010

it's like magic.

As we speak, Miss Burton aka Mrs. Grace Burton's sewing machine, is on her way to see Sewing Machine Steve in Virginia. Meanwhile, at some point on Monday, I realized that Miss Burton didn't have a zipper foot. Or anything else for that matter. I'm sure Mrs. Burton had the attachments somewhere, but it didn't occur to me to ask Dennis to check for them when he picked the machine up.

Here are the basic attachments that were included with the machine- button sewing foot, buttonhole foot, presser foot & needle plate for straight sewing & a narrow hemmer:

& here's a list of some other attachments. I was especially excited about the hemmers & the ruffler--

Not that I plan on putting a lot of ruffles on things, but i bought this 1940s bib apron pattern & it's got some ruffles

Vintage ca. 1940s Mail Order 2254 Sewing Pattern Misses' Apron

Nothing came up in ebay for Domestic 711 attachments & to make a long story short, between ebay and the internet at large, i discovered that:

1) there are high/low/slant shank machines
2) it's important to know what kind of shank your machine has so you can get the appropriate attachments.
3) i have a low shank zig zag machine
4) the Greist company made attachments for Domestic sewing machines.

So I went back to ebay & found voila--

a set of Greist attachments for low shank machines for $12.99. i also grabbed this set--

because it has the attachment foot (top piece in photo above) which looks to be missing from the first set. the attachment foot gets clamped onto the shank & then all the other feet are attached to that.

i now have a nice basic set of attachments for Miss Burton. on my future wish list is a separate needle plate, a button sewing foot & possibly a buttonholer attachment that does fancy buttonholes.