Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Miss Burton arrives in Virginia.

Domestic 011

Sewing Machine Steve says "she's a beauty", runs strong & is in excellent condition. today he sent me a whole series of photos of her guts. i have no idea what i'm looking at, but i plan to start looking around for old mechanical sewing machine repair manuals so i can get at least a basic idea of how it all works. he says this is a Japanese "needle left" machine, which means that for straight stitching the needle is in the left slot of the needle plate & for zig-zag it moves to the right slot and then back to the left.

Domestic 009

Domestic 004

he's cleaned the motor & tomorrow will reassemble. he also says the foot pedal needs some work.


Anna said...

I have this sewing machine (My grandparents gave it to me because im the only one who can get it to work). Its amazing and works so smooth for its age! The only problem I have with mine is that if you drop the leads under the needle and then rase them back up the needle seems to get slightly off. I did this on accident and broke the needle on accident. Also it has a hard time sewing very think fabrics like three or four layers thick or i think 1/4 an inch think. But besides that its amazing! Ive made a few costumes and the top cover of a quilt with it.

9010 said...

Hi Anna- Glad to hear you like the machine. I had a few problems with it. I accidentally unscrewed the tension knob too far and the whole assembly fell off! I managed to find an old diagram to put it back together again but it was never the same and I was getting a lot of birds nests which is a pain to deal with. The foot pedal is also a bit dodgy and Iastly, I can't seem to adjust the presser foot down (or the leads up) and the result is that the fabric is really floaty when sewing. I don't have a lot of time to sew and I was getting really frustrated fixing problems instead of sewing, so I bought a new machine. Are you using any of the old Greist attachments with it? I bought a set on eBay and love using them.