Sunday, March 14, 2010

the Very Easy Vogue dirndl skirt (#7689).

dirndl skirt pattern

see the Easy on the pattern envelope?

i guess it would have been, had i not had zipper issues or if i would've been pleased with the pattern's placement of the gathers. but i had zipper issues & i hated where the pattern said to put the gathers, so i ripped everything out & sewed the gathers where i wanted them.

gotta say i'm not a fan of extensive gathering. it's hard to get so many gathers spaced evenly & adding a lining to the mix complicates things. but i'm pretty happy with it now. what's left is mostly hand sewing.


i love this fabric- floral & paisley in camo colors. i got 5 yards of it for $11.99 & the lining at the discount place for $2.00.