Thursday, April 15, 2010

sloping shoulders yay!

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i redrew the bodice pattern and sewed up another muslin in a much less forgiving, heavier weight cotton. i had a feeling that if there were any remaining fit issues, a stiffer fabric would exaggerate them.

as i suspected, there were folds of fabric puffing out near the armhole edge, towards the center front. 

this irritates me. not because i have to redraw some things, but because i didn't remember running up against this problem before.  not only that, i fixed the problem, before,  without any research-- probably because i'd hit the point of losing all interest in the project, which tends to make me do radical things.   like just pull the damn fabric up at the shoulder seam until the front lies flat, then redraw the shoulder seam.  then baste it together & discover that the lower edge of the armhole is too high & lowering it until it's comfortable again.

right.  but i didn't remember any of that, so i spent a ton of time googling about how to fix the puffs, only to discover that what i did on the fly is what you need to do.  the only new thing i learned is that this is the alteration for someone who has sloping shoulders.

not thrilled to learn that i have sloping shoulders.