Tuesday, July 27, 2010


the metal thimble is old school. it's a little unwieldly, but once you get the hang of it it's not bad. but first you have to find the right size.

good luck with that.

if you go to a store, they're in factory-sealed packages, so you can't try them on unless you're the sort that plows through the store ripping open packages. fabric stores should really have a sample of each size so you can try them on. like shoes. on the other hand, thimbles are small & people steal so the store would have to go to the trouble of chaining them to the counter somehow which is probably too high maintenance for a thimble.

you could also try ordering one online. some manufacturers use ring sizing & others ask you to measure above the first knuckle. this is my nice metal thimble that was ordered by knuckle size.

it's gigantic. we are a clumsy pair, but we're managing.

i'd read good things about leather thimbles before & i'd even seen some in nicely sealed packages at the fabric store so i couldn't try them on, but when i found these handmade leather thimbles on Etsy, i decided to give them a shot.


i've already taken them for a test run & despite the fact that i had to measure above my knuckle again, they fit perfectly, they're comfy & they work great.



maker: nsmartist at Etsy