Tuesday, December 28, 2010


1940s blouse:  Advance 4328

I had grand ideas for an old school Home-Ec-y weekend. Make smoky split pea soup from scratch and Morning Buns (or more specifically these Morning Buns because they're faster), finish a self-drafted skirt with some of the Britex wool and, because Ms. X mailed back the halter bodice muslin with a minimum of alterations needed, begin work on her corselette.

I was also going to get a handle on my financial/investment goals for 2011 so I know where I'm headed before all hell breaks loose at my job in the new year and before you know it it's July and I've done nothing but workworkwork with the occasional weekend attempt at squeezing in some sewing and now I only have a month to finish Ms. X's dress.

I was going to accomplish all of this in 3 relaxing days, complete with beautifully executed step-by-step photos and commentary of the Home-Ec-y parts to share with you here.

Like I have that kind of time.

So instead, I hope to get the split peas made, the self-drafted skirt finished with crap photo posted, and some preliminary work done on Ms. X's corselette.

None of this has anything to do with my most recent pattern purchase - the 1940's Advance 4328 pattern you see here. 2 birds with 1 stone & what have you.

Advance 4328 c. 1940s