Monday, January 10, 2011

ribbon trim pucker.

I drafted a skirt pattern before the holidays and this weekend I finally got around to cutting it out.

Note the Bemberg stamp on the lining fabric. (Also note that I'm displaying the Bemberg gold against a skirt piece with a beautifully serged edge - I love my serger!)

I'd read about Bemberg lining (it's good stuff) but this is my first purchase. When the Britex lady in suiting said Here's your lining fabric. Who knew? Not me, until I was cutting out the lining pieces and saw the flash of gold. That's Britex for you.

bemberg lining over serged seams

But enough of all that, I have an obvious problem here with my ribbon trim:

ribbon pucker

This was another one of those times where, halfway through sewing, I vaguely remember having read something somewhere about not doing the very thing that I've almost finished doing.

So yeah, I'm going to have to take that ribbon off. My plan is to first try pick-stitching it over the seam & if that doesn't work, try sewing it alongside the seam. Because the only other option I've found so far, is to glue it on with fabric glue.

And somehow, gluing it on like a craft project doesn't really go with the whole Bemberg lining thing.