Monday, February 07, 2011

Juki F600!

Juki case

she's here.


I had no problems getting her set up. The instruction manual was great and the design is super-intuitive. Even winding the bobbin was no problem

bobbin winder

bobbin just drops right in

drop in bobbin case

The only thing that gave me pause was the automatic needle threader thingy--

auto needle threader.

But it was only a minor pause. An automatic needle threader is pretty damn cool. Almost as cool as the stadium lighting--

stadium lighting

Lastly, here's the stitch selection panel.

stitch selection

I didn't photograph it, but when you flip up the lid that closes over the bobbin winder & spool holder, you can see all the different stitch patterns available to you. I think it's 125 stitches or something, each one has a code and you just use the keypad to punch in the code. This panel is showing a straight stitch with needle in center position (you could also select needle right or left). You can use the straight stitch or zipper presser foot. It's also showing stitch width (3.5) and stitch length (2.4) and those are easily adjusted by knobs by way of the 2 knobs below the screen panel.

I *love* this machine!

Of course wouldn't you know... I get my spiffy new machine all set up and then, after 18 years of faithful service--


-- my iron died.

poor iron.

I can't believe how many different kinds of irons there are out there, but I opted for a classic old steam/dry iron by Black & Decker

It ain't fancy, but my 18 year-old iron was a Black & Decker so here's hoping I have the same luck with this one.