Tuesday, May 24, 2011

misc #39.

Since all this business with moving began a few weeks ago, I've been making my way through some music. First-- I finally found *the* apartment and it was:

But there was a bit of competition for the lease & some seriously fancy footwork with the finances to make it happen:

Then I got the lease (don't ask me how I managed that), which meant I was really, seriously going to be moving from the place I've lived for a long time to a completely new place.

In 2 weeks.

Look- change was obviously not coming to me any time soon, so I forced it to happen myself. I'm getting exactly what i wanted (and then some - I can't believe I got this apartment!) but you can't help but reflect on the past a little.


Last weekend was music-free because some friends of mine came over and helped me pack absolutely everything up in these boxes which are great by the way. Green moving aside, the boxes are delivered right to your doorstep. They're all the same size and stack up really easily. No putting together with packing tape, no collapsed sides, no broken goods. You just throw your stuff in the box, close the lid & you're done. Why didn't someone think of this sooner? It was a long, exhausting weekend but due to the kindness of friends, we got all of my belongings over to the new place.

The movers are coming in a few days for the furniture. I've dealt with most of the loose ends of utility switch-overs and cable/internet appointments.  It will all be over soon,  so I'm currently in the--

--phase (Government Hooker!) because it's finally dawning on me that in a few days I'll be moving to a place that has TWO parking spaces. I can't believe I'm not going to have to drive around the neighborhood looking for parking anymore. This is a big deal, people & that's not the half of it. The place is enormous with tons of closets, big picture windows & a dining room that I can use as a sewing room.