Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chocolate Sourdough Bread.

100% hydration starter

100% hydration starter

doubled in 3-4 hours

doubled at 3 1/2 hours

My formula is a combination of this one and a few tips from Peter Reinhart's The Bread Baker's Apprentice, which was recommended to us at bread school. This means I had to do my own baker's math. I don't want to tell you how long it took me to figure it all out.


12.00 oz Bread Flour [100%]
4.23 oz Starter [35%]
.18 oz Salt [1.5%]
7.41 oz Water [60%]
4.81 oz Chocolate [40%]
.38 oz Cocoa Powder [3%]
.88 oz Sugar [7%]

I ended up using only 3.81 oz of the chocolate and I needed to add a bit more water.

The dough doubled in 12-14 hours on top of my fridge.

chocolate sourdough: proofed to double

Nice and gassy and it smelled so good!


Turn the dough out onto floured surface

pouring the proofed dough out onto floured surface

Stretch it into a rectangle and add the chopped chocolate in a series of folds (4 folds total)

adding the chopped chocolate (4 folds)

Shape into a boule and place in a mixing bowl lined with a well-floured couche. Proof at room temperature about 4 hours. Heat the stone in the oven to 450 deg.

boule in bowl

I got a lame from Breadtopia (great price and they shipped really fast), but unfortunately, you won't be seeing how much better my scoring is this time around. Even though I floured the couche really well, the boule stuck to it anyway and I had to pry a big chunk off the cloth which messed up the top and deflated the loaf. Sigh.


I baked it off anyway with a steam pan and spraying the walls with a mister for the first 3 minutes of baking.


And even though it's missing some off the top, I still think it's gorgeous with its dark, chewy, floury crust. I've never had chocolate sourdough before now, and it's a winning combination. The 2 flavors go together so perfectly. I'm definitely going to do this bread again and work on perfecting my technique for getting the boule out of the bowl.

chocolate sourdough crumb