Monday, June 11, 2007

my dream kitchen in paradise.

A finished the inspiration board & i love it. i see some of my favorite kitchens reflected there & i can see myself at 3:00am, working on sugar pieces that are not doing what i need them to do, for a wedding cake that needs to be delivered in 7 hours.

that's really what's at the heart of my dream kitchen. it needs to be a place i can be comfortable in for hours on end. long after the day is done. long after everyone else has gone to sleep.

i have spent so many days into nights working on wedding cakes that i've become familiar with how the sounds of the outside change around the clock. birds & trash trucks in the morning to the almost complete silence of the middle of the night. & i know all too well what it feels like when things are not working at that hour & i am sick & tired of looking at cake & after all those hours, i still need more than what i've got left.

this is where cool marble & tile, natural fibers & caribbean blues & greens calm. a cozy space for my laptop- a connection to the cake decorator's message board where other women & men are doing the same thing i am, in different places around the world.

a beautiful chair, spacious stainless steel fridge & freezer to pop the cake tiers into, a chaise lounge to relax on for just a few minutes while a breeze lifts the curtains.

i see all of these comforts in A's inspiration board.

you did a fantastic job, Anj!

to see the entire board, go to A's flickr.