Wednesday, April 29, 2009

coming up.

i never did find a metal financier pan & in the months that i've been ISO, the silicone molds have become more elusive.

i don't know when it happened that i came to resent sur la table & williams sonoma or why, but there you have it & i've been resistant to give either of them money. but then williams sonoma stopped carrying the pan & the option now is sur la table or nothing & you can only get it online. i figured i better buy the pan before i can't find it anywhere.

it should be here by the weekend (thanks for the funds, mom!). maybe i can do a test run, although i am literally sewing my ass off these days & trying not to be distracted by baking.

i was up at 5:30 this morning (excessive neighbor noise) & got 2 hours of sewing in before i had to get ready for work. the best part is that all the sewing steps that were frustrating me last night were crystal clear this morning.

no seam ripping necessary.