Friday, May 01, 2009

yours for the low-low price of

$139.99 for the dress form

$29.99 for the cover

$12.63 shipping.

i'm not buying one of these. not yet, anyway. but 1 step forward in my sewing usually means 3 steps back. every time i think i've finally nailed the problem & am sailing towards completion, i have a setback.

& then i start googling dress forms. you know, because if i only had a dress form...

but seriously, & i've mentioned this before in terms of my knitted garments, the ability to pin up the garment on a dress form would make fitting a lot easier. as it is, i have to pin, baste, try on, lather, rinse, repeat.

& there are things you can't see or feel when you are looking at the garment on yourself in a mirror. this brings me to the latest setback on the skirt reconstruct, which follows the eleventh time i was convinced i'd finally nailed the project.

i now have to rip out part of the front bubble hem to readjust the draping at the side-back seams because it is pulling at the sides. did not see this during pinning or basting & looking in the mirror or trying to walk in it. the problem only popped up after i'd done the final sew-up of the back hem to the side seams.

if i'd only had a dress form...

anyway, the seam ripper makes yet another reappearance but not before googling reviews on dress forms. the Uniquely You dress form gets high marks on the sewing forums for those of us who are new to sewing & don't want to spend a lot of cash on one of these in case 6 months down the road we're bored with sewing & trying to offload it on craigslist for $40.

talked to mom this morning. she said the dress form is going to be like the ironing board.

it's only a matter of time.