Sunday, August 02, 2009

simplicity 1538 muslin.

vintage blouse pattern - 1948

simplicity 1538


simplicity 1538

i finally sewed the buttons on. either the buttons are a little too big, or i made the bound buttonholes a little too small. i just hope they don't stretch out too much with wear.

as for the cuffs- the pattern instructions called it a button link.

instructions for button links

i wasn't clear on the how to so i googled it and 'button link' only returns HTML coding for creating a button link on your web site.

several alternative keyword searches later, i discovered that this is called a double button cufflink. i learned about the price differences between double button cufflinks, silk knots & cufflinks & at what events it's appropriate to wear each of the three, but still no instructions on how to sew the link. so i literally sewed a link however i could. it's an awkward process balancing the 2 buttons & maintaining an even link between them (i went for about a 1" link). i couldn't tell you how i managed it & the end result is not pretty, but i'm interested to see how it wears ie is it solid & does a 1" link work or should it be longer or shorter.

sleeve placket with double button cufflink

also, it needs shoulder pads. i know shoulder pads were big in the 40s, but i was hoping to stay away from them. unfortunately, without the pads the excess fabric droops in the front & poofs out at the bust, making it look lumpy. as an alternative, i might see if i can't take the front bodice piece up some more (maybe 1/2"?) at the shoulder yoke before making the gathers & see if that helps.

i learned many new techniques from this project & am ready to make another one. i've already got the fabric. it's not liberty cotton, but i did upgrade to something better than the cheap scratchy cotton this one was made with.

cotton remnant from britex. price was $12.99/yard, but i got 2.5 yards for $24.

cotton remnant: 2 1/2 yards.

lastly, when searching for the button link instructions i discovered:

The English Cut
thomas mahon, bespoke savile row tailor, london.