Thursday, May 27, 2010

1920s apron.

1920s apron pattern

i lost the auction for this pattern. i really hate it when life gets in my way. the pattern sold for just $32. that's a great price for a 1920s pattern.

i snagged some photos of the pattern envelope and pattern pieces so i could add insult to injury by embarking on yet  another 'how hard could it be?' project. i'm convinced if i just keep plugging away at this stuff it'll eventually pay off.

1920s apron, pattern pieces & suitable materials

as you can see, the apron is just 1 piece. you have to lay that left edge along the fold to cut & then you open it up & there's your apron. the straps criss-cross at the back.

i drafted this pattern to my horizontal & vertical measurements & then just freehanded the shape onto muslin fabric.

this was the first try. it was really gapping at the waist--

1st muslin (front)

it was also sticking to the hips. none of the gentle folds in the front that you see in the pattern sketch & no movement.

i ended up cutting the waistline curve lower. that helped get rid of some of the gapping at the waist. the front is looking a lot better now.

2nd muslin (front)

then i pinned the waist curve edge under to protect it from stretching out until i can find some time to sew those edges down. the fabric is puckering there a bit from the pins, but i'll adjust that when i sew the edges down. it's pretty flat to the body now.

2nd muslin (side)

lastly, i noticed that the back view on the pattern envelope had more open space at the bottom than mine.

measurements, fabric

so i cut some of the fabric off to open it up.

2nd muslin (back)

i don't want to put the apron on myself on until i've finished all of the edges. i'll pick up where i left off next week when i get back from LA. have a great weekend!

ETA: Here's the finished apron (details can be found here):