Tuesday, April 07, 2009

misc #15.

in researching various technique possibilities related to the skirt reconstruct, i found many references to this book.

it's an expensive book that i can't afford. it is "for library use only" at SFPL & there was nothing available on ebay, so i moved on.

& then i stumbled on a used copy at an unbelievabable price. so unbelievable that even if i never really look at the book, it would still not be a waste of money. by the way, it was shipped here lightning fast & i've already been pawing through all the pages. it's in perfect condition & i just can't believe it.

this is the exact opposite experience from the ironing board situation.

i've spent nearly a week trying to find a way to get around putting a lining into the skirt.

i'm going to have to put a lining in the skirt.

& vogue 8425 is not dead. it just needs 2 more darts in the waistband at the front-side panels & a major pressing on the new ironing board.